Can I remove the matte look from my carpet?

Can I remove the matte look from my carpet?

Sometimes a carpet will have a flat appearance. This is called "matting," and it often occurs with older carpeting. The yarns fold over each other, and it looks like they're all stuck together.

Also, sometimes referred to as crushing, the rug loses all resiliency. That's the ability to bounce back into shape after compression, like footsteps.

Prevention is better than cure

Matting happens when the carpet is constantly exposed to tracked-in dirt, spills, or sticky residue. It occurs most often in high foot-traffic areas.

The way to prevent it is to vacuum often, wipe spills immediately and even spot-clean your carpet installation when necessary. It's also important to place mats at entrances so people wipe their feet before entering.

Will professional deep cleaning help?

Yes, but only if you do it regularly. Carpet fibers also trap pollutants and particles in their fibers, where they remain until deep cleaned.

The rugs act as air filters. They take whatever isn't picked by the vacuum out of the breathing zone. That's a lot to accumulate!
Don’t ignore it just because you can’t see it. Your soft surface will always look dirty, no matter what you do.

We know flooring is a significant investment. Your carpet store in Moultrie, GA, will advise you on taking care of it.

Success also depends on the rug’s fiber

Some fibers, like nylon, wool, and triexta, are known for their ultra-durability and resiliency. It's possible, therefore, that an already matted rug can bounce back with professional cleaning.

Others are a little less resilient but may still be restored. Speak with professional flooring experts. Our carpet store will advise you if something can or can’t be done.

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