Here’s what to know about carpet installation on staircases

Here’s what to know about carpet installation on staircases

Carpet is an elegant addition to the staircase. It can turn the stairs into the ultimate focal point–usually, the first thing people see when they walk into your house. Read on to learn more about installing carpet on your staircase. 

Standing up to wear

Stairways are high-traffic areas where people and pets run up and down all day. You want something that stands up to this busy area, is long-lasting, and is easy to keep clean.

Nylon, a synthetic fiber, is ideal. It's strong with outstanding resiliency and excellent stain protection. It also comes in assorted colors, patterns, styles, and constructions.

Ask us about other fibers for this carpet installation. They include wool, triexta, and SmartStrand.

Some to explore: Xvn05 by Shaw, Artists Slate, or Homefront by Mohawk.

Safety: another priority

You don't want people to slip and fall! So, the best carpet provides a smooth surface. It fits snugly between banisters and nosings (the tread's outer edge).

One of the best constructions is a low pile. Looped constructions, such as Berber and level loops, are also excellent candidates.

Carpet installation benefits 

  1. Updated style with larger color palettes and digital patterning to make it more fade-resistant.
  2. Noise reduction. There's enough cushioning with carpet to muffle footsteps and beeping devices, a benefit if you have young children or shift workers who sleep at odd hours.

Or, if you’re just bothered by noise! My cousin has a six-pound cat who sounds like an elephant stomping down the stairs.

  1. Hypoallergenic. Some synthetic fibers, such as nylon, have inherent properties that repel mold & mildew. The newer rugs also emit low or no VOCs.
  2. Temperature insulation. Rugs don't transfer temperature, so an already chilly space will stay that way; likewise, warm. Again, this saves on energy bills.

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