Here’s what to know about moisture and hardwood flooring

Here’s what to know about moisture and hardwood flooring

By now, you've probably heard about the challenges with wood floors and water, but that can be handled quickly or even wholly avoided;  we'll get to that later.

Wipe spills immediately

Even the seemingly most subtle things, like polishing and not wiping off the excess,  leaving damp towels, or dragging in mud on shoes, can create a problem. 

Minimize expansion-contraction

Wood is porous and expands during humid weather, causing the floors to cup, crown or warp. Alternatively, it contracts when the air is dry, causing gapping.

It's important to remember that some places, such as below-grade areas or steamy bathrooms, will cause hardwood flooring to move. So don't try to force it if your installer says the wood isn't recommended for installation in a room.

Install engineered hardwood

This is another version. It looks similar to solid hardwood with an assortment of species and knots, grains, undertones, etc.

The difference, however, is in the construction. That makes it stable and better able to handle water; as a result, it can be installed in higher-than-normal moisture areas where solids can't go.

You'll see a large selection of solid and engineered hardwood in our showroom when shopping for wood flooring in Moultrie, GA.

They include Bentley Premier White Oak by LM Flooring or Parkway Pro Dryback Ash by Beauflor. 

Employ common protections

This includes placing mats at entrances, and anywhere water can splash. Also, make sure people wipe their feet! Use mats or hampers for damp towels if the floors are in a room opening to the pool area.

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