Will cold tile flooring crack?

Will cold tile flooring crack?

Not if you buy the right type for your installation. When choosing tile flooring, consider how and where it will be used because they all have different strength and absorption levels.

If you’re talking about outdoor cold

Porcelain tile is made with a non-absorbent clay called Kaolin. 

As a result, it can withstand the most severe weather. Unfortunately, that includes freeze-thaw cycles, which can cause the wrong type to crack.

Georgia can freeze and sometimes even has snow. So, if you’re using it outdoors, protect your investment.

Porcelain also stands up to the heaviest wear and foot traffic. As a result, it's ideal for busy rooms like the kitchen.

Look at labels

Walking into our tile store, you'll see a lot of beauty. There are wood looks, such as Botanica Wood Plank by MSI, and mosaics, such as Scale Slate by Tesoro.

However, you must know that you can’t put a wall tile on the floor because it's slippery and won't hold up to weight. Likewise, don't put something meant for indoor low-traffic rooms like the bedroom, in a high-traffic area outdoors, like the patio or deck floor.

The 4X4 square and others

Most of us are familiar with squares. This square is a highly designed, usually glazed tile in Moultrie, GA.

They are also appropriate for use indoors on floors with moderate foot traffic.

Mosaics, often used as accents, are now trending on bathroom floors. This is because they are durable and mold/mildew resistant.

Terracotta bricks can be used indoors or out. They are highly durable but porous, so ask about sealing requirements.

Subway tiles, once only white rectangles, are now available in many colors, shapes, and sizes. They are used primarily on backsplashes in indoor low-traffic rooms on the floor.

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