Kitchen and bathroom remodeling


Kitchen and bathroom remodeling services

Welcome to South Georgia Floors, where we specialize in transforming your kitchen and bathroom into the spaces of your dreams. We understand that remodeling is not just about aesthetic appeal but also about functionality, comfort, and style. Our experts are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and satisfying kitchen and bathroom remodeling experience.

Shower remodel: elegance meets functionality

Elevate your bathroom with our comprehensive shower remodel services. Our options range from luxurious tub surrounds to stylish shower tiles that enhance your space's beauty and provide long-lasting durability. Choose from various materials and designs to create a shower area that is both functional and a reflection of your personal style.

Backsplash brilliance in kitchens and bathrooms

A backsplash is more than just a practical addition to your kitchen or bathroom; it's a statement piece that can change the entire look and feel of the room. We offer an incredible selection of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone, in various colors and patterns. Let us help you choose the perfect bathroom or kitchen backsplash that complements your space and showcases your style.



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Cabinets: the cornerstone of kitchen and bathroom design

Our cabinet selection is designed to meet your storage needs while adding elegance and charm to your kitchen or bathroom. From contemporary designs to classic styles, our range of high-quality bathroom and kitchen cabinets is available in various materials, finishes, and configurations. Let us assist you in selecting the perfect cabinets that blend functionality with aesthetics.

Countertops: durability and beauty combined

Countertops play a crucial role in both kitchen and bathroom design. We provide a wide array of countertop materials, including granite and quartz, each offering unique benefits in terms of durability, maintenance, and appearance. Our bathroom and kitchen remodeling team will work closely with you to choose a countertop that meets your practical needs and elevates your space's look.
Kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Moultrie, GA from South Georgia Floors

Bathroom vanity: a touch of personal elegance

The right bathroom vanity can transform your space into a sanctuary. Our selection ranges from modern, sleek designs to more traditional, ornate styles, ensuring there's something to suit every taste. With various sizes, materials, and finishes available, our vanities are designed to provide both functionality and a touch of personal elegance to your bathroom.

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At South Georgia Floors, we are committed to helping you create your ideal kitchen and bathroom. With our wide range of high-quality materials and expert guidance, we ensure a kitchen and bathroom remodeling experience that is as enjoyable as the result. Our showroom in , serves . Visit us today to start your journey towards a more beautiful and functional home.